Jorge Reategui, Owner

Jorge Reategui is founder and owner of JR Auto Repair in Novato CA since 1995. Jorge is native of Peru. Before coming to the United States, Jorge worked in the Peruvian Merchant Navy as Technician in Diesel Engines, welding, and machine shop. After arriving in the USA, he enrolled in Bernal Auto Training center in Queens New York, where he graduated in 1991. Right after graduation, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and continue to improve his skills at the College of Marin Automotive Training Program while also working in other automobile repair shops. Also, he has attended automobile seminars where he has received certificates of achievement. Jorge loves working on cars, that is his passion. Jorge believes in providing outstanding service to all his customers by being honest, knowledgeable, and accurate . Jorge's favorite phrase is: "JR diagnosis, services, and repairs cars the right way". On his free time, Jorge enjoys flying airplanes. Jorge received his private pilot license in 2007. Also, Jorge enjoys exercising and following a healthy diet.